Protection of children from family separation, abuse, neglect and exploitation in 15 counties in Kenya

About the project
The 3-year project implemented in 15 counties will safeguard the gains made in the “Enhancing Protection and Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Charitable Children Institutions (CCIs) (EPAC) Project and facilitate the on-going Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP) reform processes in Kenya.

The central theme will be promoting deinstitutionalization and family/ alternative based care -capacity building and mobilization. The program will bring together CNCP, policy makers, families, and communities to advocate for reforms in the CNCP and child participation space.

The advocacy will be anchored in redirecting more resource investment while promoting acceptable standards for the care and protection of CNCP and youth.

The innovative approaches like reshaping the gate keeping mechanisms, adoption of electronic and mobile platforms, partnership with academia and creating a pool of trainer of trainers will enhance the project sustainability.

Epac Project

Enhancing protection and care of orphans and vulnerable children in charitable children institutions in Kenya (EPAC) Project is a partnership between ERIKS Development Partner and Association of Charitable Children Institutions of Kenya (ACCIK) to contribute to better policy answers to the current challenges facing the child in Kenya with key focus on children under institutional care. Based on the pillar of Child Rights Programming, the project seeks to strengthen the capacity of duty bearers to meet their obligations in policy, practice and through legislation. The project also enhances child participation through strengthening the capacity of children to participate in decisions that affect them in Charitable Children Institutions (CCIs)

2015 was the first year of implementation of the EPAC project and through the technical and financial support of ERIKS, ACCIK has made tremendous progress in its activities in collaboration with various stakeholders key in the children’s sector including The National Council of Children Services at the national level, The Department of Children Services at the County and Sub-county level, other line ministries within the government, parastatals including Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and learning institutions including Pwani University and PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute.

With the diversity of challenges face in the child protection sector the project seeks to address and bridge the gaps through sensitization, capacity building, advocacy and monitoring of CCIs which are to be found in all the counties and communities in Kenya. By enhancing their capacities to care and protect children within their communities there will be improved care and protection of children at grassroots level.

Project Goal

Improved care, protection and participation of children in CCIs and communities by 2017

To realize this goal the project will work towards increasing capacity of the social workforce and community based responses for children in need of care and protection in the respective counties.


  1. Increased capacity of CCIs and community social workforce on care and protection by 2017
  2. Empowered community with knowledge on care and protection of children by 2017
  3. Improved participation of children in management of CCIs by 2017
  4. Improved capacity of ACCIK on organizational operation management by 2017.